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This was really fun. I love doing MNT's!! Rob and his wife were wonderful hosts and I laughed alot which is always great. Mike from DarkShadows came all the way down from Illinois to do a "SUPER EASY" demonstration on pneumatics and I actually felt like I got most of what he was saying. SO THANKS MIKE!!! Your parents were great I really liked talking with your mom. The shiatsu was a bit more difficult for me because i used a different style massager, but in the end with the help of my fellow haunters it turned out really COOL. For those of you living in and around the Louisville area why not come by for the next one. Heck normally I drive 2 hours to meet for this MNT with davethedead because he is an amazing prop builder and hosts some fabulous MNTs. Thanks to him Ive got some AWESOME stuff. We had several people show up who didnt build anything, but they observed AND helped and got to converse with like minded halloween folks and have a great time. Rob and I talked about it after everyone left and we are both down for a MNT for Sept to maybe build boxes for the grabber or something else entirely...suggest something peeps... I know there are plenty of INKY people around here so if you were thinking you might want to go to the MNT come in Sept and have some fun.
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