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In a Dark, Dark Wood - A Haunted Halloween Geocache

I have been wanting to do a Halloween-themed geocache for a long time, and I have been saving things up for a year in order to properly stock it for the season. I filled it with halloween swag, some trackable geocoins and a "nasty surprise" - a noisemaking witch, who laughs manically whenever the geocache is moved or opened. The cache itself is a large ammo canister, and its impossible to open it without setting the witch off - I really wish I could see people faces when they hear the faint sound of witch`s laughing coming out of the box when they pull it out of the hollow tree that I hid it in! Trust me, it was a lot of fun putting this geocache together.

The geocache listing is located at this link:


This link will explain what "geocaching" is:


The cache was placed in the woods around the old Cawthra mansion (now a city owned, wooded park). This place has long been rumoured to be haunted:


Cheers and Happy Halloween!
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