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Imput on Invite wording

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Gone but Not Forgotten
A Night for remembrance of the Famous & Infamous

Although they are now Dead and Gone
Their Memory still lives on

Choose someone Famous who is now Deceased
and don their Duds at the Very Least

Take Your Character up a notch
Mimic their Talents and let us Watch


Please bring a Food Item to Share & A Flashlight

Would like to have a fourth rhyming stanza

'Mimic their Talents and let us Watch' - Looking to do a 'Talent Show' activity.

Also Looking for a better way to say about food.

Every year I have gotten So Much help with my invite - This Group is So Clever!!
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Bring some food and a flashlight that night,
For all of us there will have a good fright?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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