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The two boys tonight have been here numerous times, so how did I make The Ravens Grin Inn experience "New" & "Different" for them? It was very simple, really. I just took them through portions of the house that they had never seen before! Parts that used to be included in the house tour routing many years ago which included some different rooms and many new(to them) and different opportunities to try those old "devices".
They left very impressed, and even stated that as a fact themselves to the one boy's Dad waiting in the car.
What will they do next time they come ? Well, next time, maybe they will actually give those strange devices a "Try", since it was all new and different this time. They were a bit insecure concerning things they had never seen nor knew about before. (So much for their youthful "Bravado" hee, hee, hee!")
People rent the house for Hyde& Shriek parties and explore the older, forgotten areas and items, and it becomes a whole new experience then!
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