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important motor help

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hi guys,
i was wondering if anyone knew of a cheap motor or even toy that has a motor that lowers something down and comes back up. example is that i would be using it for a ghost and attach to its arms to make the arms move up and down. THanks so much!
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ok so it is it you want to do?most motors will go in one direction if you would state what you want to do what you want the prop to do maybe some kinda photo, link, drawing we can help you pick one that is right for you or how to get it to do what you want the prop to do.you can make a rotating motor make a prop go up and down easely, A windsheild wiper motor doesn't go back and forth like you would think it goes around but you get the back and forth from the crank the is hooked to linkage making the wipers go back and forth. A FCGhost goes up and down due to the crank arm the motor still goes around but the crank arm makes the ghost go up and down. A grave popper goes up and down due to the same reasons. So if you can show us or explain what you want the prop to do we can help better.
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