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not a one has made a contribution :( I'm so sad about that

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Well, in honor of the fire Goddess, then:


Fire, fire come to me;
Come together and be free.
Come to live with me once more;
Come to open a new door.
Light the way, a burning fate;
Light the way to not be late.
Flames that soar into the night;
Take with you my lonely fright.
Come to me to burn my soul,
Come to me; fulfill your goal.
I am here fore the taking,
Rid me of my heart that's aching.
Come to me to banish cold;
To burn the falsehoods of the old.
Let the heat, the roar grow loud!
Consume my soul and be proud!
Your flame, your warmth comforts me,
for now I am truly free

-Cole Gilbert (that's me)

Blessed be, witchiepoo.

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And Bright Imbolic blessings to you also witchiepoo & everyone else also!:)

Toetag, Imbolic is the pagan sabbat that marks the receding of the crone's winter to welcome the arrival of the Maiden's spring. Traditionally in other cultures or beliefs it's also know as Spring Cleaning, although even with us Pagan's it also symbolizes the arrival of spring cleaning of the home. Hope that helps;)
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