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I'm french :-)

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My name is cycy76 I live in France or halloween is not as important as you, this does not prevent me to celebrate it with my family.
I discovered this forum that I hope bring me full board
my first project would be to not automate a mannequin with pvc tubes I hope to have lots of advice for making this one of the tips for costumes, for the heads (what kind of tete buy) and why not pictures of your achievements.
veiled has soon
excuse me for my English :)
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Welcome! I hope you'll share pictures;
I'll look forward to seeing your first project develop!
T'inquiète t'es pas le seul français :p (on doit être deux xD)
thank you for the welcome I would try to post pictures as and when I was able to start

et virgiledu76 je me sens moins seul sur quel site trouve tu des objets pour halloween car en france on est pas gates
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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