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I'm disgusted....

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Okay, so my obnoxious cousin is staying for a while at my home. She had the audacity to play with a ball in the yard, making a game out of knocking down my tombstones. It's bad enough that the freakin' wind blows them down but she has to come along with her blue ball and purposely knock them down like bowling pins, shouting "Tombstone, 10 points!"

Normally, I wouldn't care, seeing as a few of them I could go to Target and replace, but a few of them I can't find anymore unless I search on eBay and pay 4 times as much than what I originally paid. It irritates me when there's not really any vandals in your neighborhood, but if there's one staying with you, that's another kettle of fish.

I tried talking to her about this matter, but as I'm tyoing this, she wants to argue and bicker (which is not my thing) saying that she wants my attention.
I'm at the point where I'm going to scream so loud that my vocal cords will be burned out for a loooooong time.

What else can I do without getting myself sent to the big house? I am SO pissed right now, sorry for my language. I know this may seem like a petty issue, seeing as it's only tombstones, not something huge, but I'm still pretty miffed nevertheless.
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I understand you being upset and irritated, I would be too. Heck, you're handling yourself better than I would.
You have invested a lot of money in your decorations, and it is NO ONE'S right to harm them in any way.
I would just try talking to her again. Maybe over ice cream or something? That way it doesn't seem so serious to her, AND you will be spending some time with her, which is what she seems to want in the first place. Let her know that this is really bothering you, and if she were to break one of them, you would put her to work to buy a new one!
Hope this helps and good luck.
If you want my advice I would burn her to death.

It's like we used to do in the olden times. She can't mess up your tombstones if she's charred to ashes, maybe then she'll learn!

Hope my humour above helps you out just for 2 minutes. On a more serious note, how frustrating. I have been preparing for months now for my 2nd halloweenfest party, and I would be seriously annoyed if any of my guests (let alone those who were staying with me) decided to screw things up for me.

I think consequences are in order for your cousin, so explain that if she knocks a tombstone over, there'll be something she'll have to give up as a consequence.
So, how old is this cousin?

I agree with memamu, there need to be consequences for these actions. Be the adult and let her know that her behavior is out of line, and that she can expect to lose whatever privileges she has in your home during her visit if this continues. Not to knock one of your family members, but this kid sounds spoiled rotten, and has some moderate issues if she resorts to acting out like that to get attention.

BTW, what are her parents doing about their little angel?
Wow is this a child you are dealing with or an adult? Very disrespectful behavior. If it's a child you have make consequences that you follow through with, if it's an adult I'm at a loss because the adults I know don't act that way. Can you involve her in the decorating somehow so she has your attention, you're spending time together and most important you can keep an eye on her?
How old is she?

If she's staying with you, she's a guest (family or not) and intentionally damaging your stuff is grounds for kicking her out... and making her pay for the damage.

Every time she'd holler "tombstone, 10 points" I'd be like "yup, and another $25 you are going to pay me."

If she's under 18, tell her parents to come get her and any money she's got (part time job or allowance) is going to go towards replacing your property. If she's over 18, she STILL needs to be kicked out and tell her she needs to come up with money and personally, I'd make sure to steer clear of her in the future unless she apologizes sincerely and at least TRIES to make it right.

It doesn't matter that they are Halloween props. If she deliberately started tossing glassware, toys or other items in your house around and breaking them, and gave attitude when being called on it, then SOMEONE needs to see that is completely unacceptable.

She is taking advantage of you and acting like a spoiled brat. That is disgusting at any age.:mad:
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Just so you guys know, she's 12, and she says that I ruined the Halloween spirit by being enthusiastic about it almost all year to the point there's "no surprises."

I will give her a good talking to. MAybe on that faithful night, I'll let revenge have it's way by scaring the bejeepers out of her. That's how I get my payback. >:D
Yikes 12? Definitely old enough to know better. I would tell her every time she messes with your stuff you get to mess with something of hers and I would actually do it (I'm a mom who believes in follow through). She have a cellphone? Hide it. Does she have a favorite shirt,doll,book, etc.....hide it. I know it's petty but I also know my daughter behaves as well as she does because she knows I'm not a pushover, I do what I say and I say what I mean. Yes she has learned from experience. I know she's not your child but if she is staying with you she has to learn boundaries. A 12 year old breaking your things and rough housing with them is totally unacceptable and the sooner you teach her this the better off you'll both be. My favorite thing to tell my daughter is that I was not put on this earth to take crap from a 12 year old (or anyone younger than me for that matter).
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12 huh? Well old enough to know not to damage someone else's property. She owes you an apology first and money to replace them second. Then I'd stop talking to her about halloween. She's told you loud and clear that she's had enough. Acknowledge that to her and let her bring up any halloween plans or props you are doing. Not everyone is as into this as we are here and you have to respect that too. It's really a shame that she's taken her anger out on you in this manner, but not sure what to expect from a 12 year old.
I am accepting to what others think about Halloween. It's just I guess she comes when I'm busy doing something Halloween related. BTW, nothing was broken except for a tombstone I broke on purpose (Like a member on here did before) so no harm no foul.
Mrhamilton, trust me, I feel your pain. I had not one, but two of my cousins stay at my house for an entire year. It was the worst year of my life. They were 16 and 17, and I was 15 at the time. (this was about 2 years ago). The younger one was very disrespectful and thought that since she was older than me, the house was hers. The other wasn't as disrespectful. They snuck out all the time, and my mom couldn't do anything about it. They were grounded more times in the year they stayed with us than I have been in my whole life. They didn't break any Halloween decorations, but like for you, they didn't have respect for our things. They broke our surround sound by turning it up all the way one day when the rest of us were gone, and we never saw a dime. When they finally moved out, it was like the heavens opened up.

I guess when you get stuck with family, you can't do anything about it. I don't kicking her out would be an option. Your doing your aunt a favor, but make sure that she knows what happens. My advice would to be to try and set some rules, and if they aren't followed its harsh consequences. If she wants to destroy things that are important to you, then take away things of hers. Take the door for her room away or her cell phone for a week. All I can say is good luck, your gonna need it. ;)
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Pull your biggest tombstone out of the ground, whack her on the head with it as hard as you can and yell "Bratty little cousin--10 points!" :):)
Then kindly let all of the air out of her ball............
I'm sort of confused...are YOU an adult or a teen as well? I assumed you were the man of the house and I can't believe she would disrespect your property like that.
Sounds like the lack of being taugt to respect others and their property. I would talk to her, if her attitude improves, hide her ball, misplace something that she finds dear, and say I have not seen it. sorry I do not know what you did with it.
Biff her. Seriously! What a brat. Then call her parents and tell them what happened and "suggest" she might be happier ( you'll certainly be) elsewhere. Now it's tombstones ... what if she destroys something big, expensive, or something that required many hours of your labor. Biff her .... or at least put her in a cage and make her be a prop. ( Ooohhh shades of the Wax Museum)
12!!!! My 6 year old wouldn't act like that. Is there something wrong with her? Did her parents drop her on her head as a baby?

I'd kill her!
Cut her head off and use her as a prop. If you spread out the parts to different areas of your haunt no one will be any the wiser. Muah ha ha ha!!
She obviously needs some discipline. There needs to be consequences for her actions. You cannot let her get away with this.
Ask her to help. Give her dolls to make scary. If she joined in, she may like it and have more respect for the trouble you go to. Let her have a portion of the yard to decorate of her own. Let her come up with the ideas. If she is only visiting for a short time, you can take her part down and redo it for yourself before Halloween. (mom of 3 here--I have broken up a lot of fights)

Or have her make something to take back home.
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