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Im bummed my halloween stuff is gone

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So I had a series of bad luck but long story short I have to start all over On all my halloween stuff I don't have anything anymore I am so bummed out But looking forward to getting new stuff but still
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Someone told me about this place where you can find utterly fantastic props! It would seem that these fields exist everywhere. Some speculate they are abandoned farms or just unused land people keep dumping stones and dead flowers upon. Either way if you can get past the graffiti kids carve into the stones(even kids must be hurting that they no longer use spray paint) you'll find these wonderfulabandoned corpses oh about 6 feet deep. Some have turned to dust but others look like they could get up and chase you! Some appear to be heavily "made up" with their sunday best and make up(even on the males). Others appear to have been mutilated in some way(missing ring fingers).I really couldn't believe my eyes. I was even surprised I was stil standing after seing others discover the site and have to fall to one knee. I did catch a few people dumping their yard waste(flowers) behind one of those stones with all the vile graffiti. I can only imagine some haunted attraction died out and the props were discarded there....(shrugs)
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