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I'm a Halloween Freak!

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There I've said it! I am addicted to Halloween. I love everything Halloween & am in the process of planning our 4th annual Halloween Bash. I decorate my house from top to bottom & inside & out. I am constantly online looking for new ideas. I'm so glad I found this forum. I am looking forward seeing what others do & share some of my ideas as well.

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Welcome Freak, you will fit in just fine with the other freaks.
Admitting your addiction is the first step. Although you won't find a cure here. Quite the opposite, in fact.
If it helps, we're all junkies here so at least you're among friends!

Welcome to our world.

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Greetings! Welcome to the forum!
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

But I have to tell you, you have all added to my shopping addiction as well. I wasn't planning on spending any more $ on decorations this year & promised my husband I wouldn't~since half our attic is filled with Halloween. But since reading so many of the wonderful ideas here I went shopping yesterday & filled the back of my Explorer with stuff from the dollar store, Party City & Walmart. (Thank God it was Football Sunday & he didn't nearly see EVERYTHING I bought) And I am still looking for skeletons that I can strategically place dressed thru out the house dressed doing various things such as a tea party in my front foyer wearing large hats & feather boas. Today I am going to the Salvation Army looking for jars to make my witches potions now as well as old picture frames to paint black & hang around the house with creepy pics.

I may be joining the eternal dead when hubby does actually see everything :eek:.
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HA! I think we're ALL addicted to Halloween! Of course, admitting it is one of the first steps.

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