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I was out scoring a few lights tonight at 75% off and I started to think. Red, Green, and Blue could all be used in a halloween display as long as you are not mixing and matching them. Unless your display happens to be christmas theme.

So what would you use different color illumination for?

Green - Cemetaries / Skeletons

Blue - Ghosts / Aliens

Red - Murder Room / Chain Saw Maniac
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Agreed for using many colors.
Floodlights of one color to wash the house in one color.
Highlight props with different color, which really makes them stand out.
Intersecting light sources - sometimes you can have shadows or light from one light source affect the look of another prop or scene (shadows on a wall, etc.)

What kind of lights did you pick up?
Spotlights? Strings of lights? Are they incandescent or LED?

Lots of possibilities!
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