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I was out scoring a few lights tonight at 75% off and I started to think. Red, Green, and Blue could all be used in a halloween display as long as you are not mixing and matching them. Unless your display happens to be christmas theme.

So what would you use different color illumination for?

Green - Cemetaries / Skeletons

Blue - Ghosts / Aliens

Red - Murder Room / Chain Saw Maniac

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I use all three of those for different "layers" of my cemetery.
Blue for the overall moonlight,
Green for the witches casting spells,
Red for the reaper in the back corner and inside a coffin.

For my skeleton singers, I used a yellow light on one side and a blue on the other. It gave the scene a spooky look that was still reminiscent of a theatre.

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Agreed for using many colors.
Floodlights of one color to wash the house in one color.
Highlight props with different color, which really makes them stand out.
Intersecting light sources - sometimes you can have shadows or light from one light source affect the look of another prop or scene (shadows on a wall, etc.)

What kind of lights did you pick up?
Spotlights? Strings of lights? Are they incandescent or LED?

Lots of possibilities!

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I used blue for the graveyard with yellow/orange flicker lights.
Black light for FCG
Yellow for color-washing driveway (leads up to house)
Red for washing the house and large trees.
Strobes for spider room
Yellow and green for forest room
Black light for dot room
Red for bat room
Purple and blue for coffin
Orange inside wrecked cars in driveway

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I need to look at ways to "focus" the spots....they were bleeding into other areas so I ended up turning a couple off
Cheap plastic flowerpots can be modified to act as a "par can" shield for floodlights to minimize overlap. Using smaller bulbs like 50 watt R-20 floods can help keep the light focussed where you need it.

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Your brain interperts reds as being closer and blues being far away.

If you light the background blue and then use small red pin spots to high light props that you want to stand out, you will get a neat effect.

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I don't know what a "par can" is, but I have a lot of cheap plastic flowerpots out in the shed
Its when you put the pot on the light to aim it so the light does not wash out as bad. this is a pro prop but you can make from the flower pots.
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