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If you could be behind the scenes......

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I had my memory jogged earlier today and recalled a time a few years ago when I was lucky enough to get a tour round a local company that makes model for animation. The company are called Mackinnon and Saunders and made the puppets for Mars Attacks and The Corpse Bride amongst others.

During my tour I saw all the stages of the creation of the models, from the plasticine statues (Fantastic Mr Fox) being sculpted to the armatures being built, mouldings etc. I saw them refurbishing puppets for popular kids tv shows (Postmand Pat anyone?)

They did also have some of the old puppets they had made so I saw both Corpse Bride and Mars Attacks puppets close up.

So apart from wanting to brag a little, I also thought that some on here would be fans of the films, but I also wanted to ask a question.

So what halloweeny have you been behind the scenes of - film, tv, prop making, theme parks etc? And if you havent, then what do you wish you could have been be behind the scenes on and why?
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I've been on several walking tours behind the scenes at Knott's Scary Farm - makeup and wardrobe department, mazes without talent or effects running and the designers talking about them, etc.

Some photos:

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