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I've never been good at sculpting or creating realistic or even useable hands. I'm making a Gravedigger this year and after many frustrating attempts of making hands (I'm also a perfectionist so that's part of the problem) I went online to find hands. That's when I came across Ghost Ride, Inc. While the hands aren't poseable, they were exactly what I needed to get this finished.

They aren't cheap, but if you're like me and struggle in this area then, I felt it was worth it in order to have something decent and get it completed.

http://www.ghostride.com/bo ady-parts/hands.html

I ordered mine a few weeks ago and got them in a couple of days so they must have had some on-hand (pun intended), but many of their things are made upon order.

I apologize if this site isn't anything new to others here but it was new to me and figured I'd share it in case someone else out there is frustrated when making body parts.
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