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After 13 years, our annual Halloween party has grown from a small group of friends to almost 70 people, depending on the year.
But last year was the first year it got smaller, there were competing parties, and some of the people I care about most didn't show up.
So this year will be the grand finale, while we are still on top, before it has a chance to jump the shark.
In that spirit, the theme is "Dumb Ways to Die," and the party is a wake. :)
The invitation was an obituary printed newsprint. (I'll post a copy of it later--it came out well!)
These are things I have planned so far, but I would LOVE input from all you creative people to make it the best ever!!

I can repurpose just about all of my past ones, in little deadly tableaux.
Someone suggested police tape around the house, which made me think of chalk body outlines, and staged "accidents" like banana peel and hairdryer in the tub.
I have a Confession booth sign from Seven Deadly Sins Lounge (you can see it in my photos), so I might work in a booth for last rites.
There's going to be a skeleton in a half-open casket made with styrofoam coolers. I have a trundle bed frame that looks like the scissors lift the undertaker wheels it on. I'll make one of those floral wreaths on an easel. Put video picture frames of the "deceased" on either side--showing past parties

Poison appletinis
Poison mushroom tarts
Choking hazard chicken wings
Tainted meat(balls)
Anaphlactic shock shrimp something
Poison berry canapes
(Cocktail with soda and Pop Rocks?)

Winking murderer? We've never played a game before. Suggestions
My husband has a really good Virtual Reality setup, with a video that simulates being a kid in a bedroom with scary things happening all around. We are going to trick his office out with a quilt and scary toys and let people do it one at a time

Husband will give eulogy of party. There will be a slideshow with cheesy corny music (Times of your life.) Lifetime achievement award for past good costumes.
First prize is a crystal skill vodka. 5 runner ups prize? (maybe something Ouija branded? $8 range)

So that's where I am as of now! Halloween Forum--you have such good ideas! What do you think?!

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Getting very excited about the party! I set up most of it Sunday, and we have so many specialty drink stations and interactive tableaux, I think I'm going to make a map. Grand finale, and all that!

But not all of my guests are hams, so I've rewritten the Winking Murder game to make it a little more subtle. If there's anything I've overlooked, or you have any suggestions, here it is below!

Winking Murderer
A game of (In)Discretion and Intrigue

Starting at 8:30PM this evening, the game begins! Will you be the last one standing?
Each guest is requested to draw a card, below. (Do it now!)
There you will find your fate. Are you a killer or are you prey?!

Your mission is to stealthily eliminate your victims. You do this by winking at them.
If you are successful, you are one step closer to the very desirable winning prize, and your prey will place a red dot on their forehead.
BUT there's a catch! If you are CAUGHT winking, your prey does not die--YOU DO!!
Place the red dot on your forehead, and you are out of the game.
There is also the chance the person you wink at will be a murderer themselves!
In that case, they will wink back, and you are now out of the game. (Affix red dot.)
It's also possible another killer will wink at you, in which case, you eliminate them by winking back.
You survive, they die.
The last killer standing takes the prize!

Mix and mingle, but be on guard!
If you are caught alone and unawares, a discreet wink seals your fate!
Put a red dot on your forehead, and enjoy the rest of the game from the spirit side!
Be subtle when you don your dot so as not to tip the others off to the killer.
HOWEVER a fellow guest can save you if they observe the wink and call the killer out! The killer dies, you survive.
There's a separate prize for the last prey to thwart their stalkers!

In the event of a standoff, we'll hold a drawing among the finalists to choose the winner.
Extra red dots will be placed around the party in case you lose yours.
Go and enjoy the party. And at 8:30, let the games begin!

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i am just reading this for the first time and i find this theme intriguing. How did it go and what were the costumes like? Did your guests participate in following the theme when choosing their costume? This idea might be a future party for me. Thank you.
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