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Ideas/Thoughts on how to Board up Bay Window?

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Hey all, I have a bay window (actually 2) in the front of my house and want to FOAM board them up, but not sure how to attach them.

Any help/thoughts is greatly appreciated... each pane is at a slight angle.
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One thought is to anchor sides and then build the middle panes from attaching to the sides?

I did just find the following, not sure if I like the vertical boards?
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Looks good! It's always tricky trying to adapt to bay windows. I think the vertical boards look good, it better sells the storm shutters visual from the street on the 3 window bay. You can play around and see if you can 'combine' the 4 windows into 2 boarded up windows with slightly thicker foam boards on the outer edges to flatten out the plane. I haven't had great success doing it since the wife likes her natural light so we compromise with hanging heads inside along with some red gel hand prints. The 4 window bay would also be great for projection as well where the 3 bay has a lot of cross trim that would interfere with the effect.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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