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So I am looking for ideas please!

We had this piece of styrofoam from something that was delivered. I wont tell you what it was...
My wife painted it a dirty grey and we think it will go in the graveyard... but not quite sure what to put in it, or on it, or around it.
Fido likes it but I think it's too big for his little skele butt.

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Gargoyle or one of those garden angels with an uplight? YOu could carve out the bottom enough to form a nice seat for holding either. Could see hiding little devils/angels/skulls in the upper corner indents. This could be a quite nice tombstone with a bit of luck finding some nice stuff. Check places that are clearing out their garden statues - I found a fantastic angel one year made of plastic/resin at Big Lots.

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when i first looked at it i though, cemetery alter. Put on of those morphing pictures in the back and have "candles" either in the middle or cascading down the sides flowers ect. gets some extra foam pieces to cover the holes on the corners and add some more decor on the top.

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If you have a fog machine or possibly a projector you want to hide, you could flip it upside down. Glue some skeleton bones and other decorative pieces to the outside (check Dollar store). Paint them the same color. Maybe even add a home made epitaph to the top for more interest.

** As an idea....

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Hi britincali ,
Looks like a great place to put an urn , like the ones Spirit Halloween sells . Or maybe one of those eternal flame lights you see in cemeteries , add some dead flowers and vines creeping out from the holes in the top . Maybe add an inscription/ family name above the opening and epitaph to the inside back wall , light the words from behind the urn to get a creepy silhouette .

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One of those half bodied grave crawlers would look good. LIke he's trying to crawl out. My Hone Deport had a decent half body ghoul in white that would also look good in your faux stone.
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