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ideas on how to repurpose my prop

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Hi! Just wanting some possible ideas on how I could repurpose this reaper we made last year for my carnevil theme this year. We want to use it but have no idea what to do with him! Outerwear Hood Sleeve Robe Hoodie
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Take off the garment, find some loud clown costume,put a mask on his face (clown) and position him.
Great looking reaper!! You could basically leave as is and change the lantern in his hand to the head of spooky clown or other freak show oddity . You could add carnevil tickets to his belt or you could make him the Candy man and add a box tray full of disgusting carnival treats.
I love the idea of him holding a clown head! I just bought one last week and was wondering what to do with that also! Thanks for the idea! I would do the clown costume idea but all he is under is pvc pipe and chicken wire lol. He needs the garmet bc it drapes over to where you can't tell he doesn't have a face :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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