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ideas needed for Edible "ketchup blood" and other stuff

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So.. im doing a very bloody halloween party this year ( I havent named the party yet, but it will be inspired by serial killers, and tv shows like dexter and Criminal minds. The party room will be kill room style and i have some great ideas for sick and twisted decorations ;)

I always try to make the food in style of the theme, but because im a little short on time im going the easy way and making "hand-burgers" with the burgers shaped like hands.. Its kinda silly, but I also think my guests will appriciate it. Im currently trying to locate a hand shaped cookie cutter.
ANYWAY.. lol. for the burgers I want to add some bits for build your own burger. I was thinking of dying the ketchup but i have a feeling it will just look like old ketchup. has anyone done this, dyed the ketchup to look more " blood" like? Did you add anything else to it? Im thinking they wont like corn syrup blood on their burgers ;)

Also can anyone think of other things to go with that? I was gonna make some normal salad and potatoes, but if anyone has a KILLER idea ( har-har.. sorry) bring it :)

Im making bloody popcorn for later ( popcorn with melted red chocolate) I am not going to do dessert because every time i have it flops, and breaks etc. So totally skipping that. or maybe if they demand it, ill serve them icecream with " bloody" toppings lol. something foolproof!
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You could experiment with food coloring to see if you can get the ketchup a more blood color (probably adding a bit of blue would help) and it wouldn't change the flavor.

I'd suggest doing chili/jelly meatballs too, as those can look pretty gross too with the right label - could add some red food coloring to see if you can get the sauce to look more bloody, but it still looks pretty good and frankly if you call them something in theme (like freshly ground human meatballs or something) then they'll still gross everyone out (until they eat them - they are super easy and tasty!)

Decent instructions, but I just throw everything in the crockpot and cook a minimum of 2 hours on low before the party starts. They never last the night. :)
Cool thanx i will definatly have a look at theese. :)
If you can get your hands on a chocolate fountain, you can use white chocolate with food colouring in that
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Totally off the food subject, but in line with your party idea... They are out of stock right now, but did you see the Dexter blood splatter coasters from Think Geek?! I love the box that they come in too! I got their brain slice specimen coasters which are super cool, but did not come in an awesome box. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e755/
If you want a foolproof "dessert" that's still unique, my friend and I did bloody glass at a party a couple years ago. Really easy to do and looks awesome.

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Ooh all very good ideas. I like the word FOOLPROOF in that dessert lol..I will consider it.. Knowing it will probable be a sticky red mess... Lmao

Check out the hot dog fingers on this list... would be so gross but in theme!
I did consider the fingers too. I'm just not sure I have time to make the, as well. I have a feeling that "hand"burgers are gonna take a bit more time than I hope ;)
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