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This year for our haunted trail, we have constructed a pretty large cave that has a rickety bridge that is about 16 ft. long, and near the end a hag with her cauldron. We will hang bats from the ceiling and it will be lit by black lights, we plan to paint the sides of the "cave" with blue fluorescent paint and there will be drops of water occasionally falling from the ceiling.. Once the visitors exit the cave, they will step onto a buried mattress that will simulate swampy ground and they will walk past a small swamp we have built. The scare once they get past the swamp will be an alligator that we have attached to a remote controlled car. The alligator will lunge at them from the edge of the swamp.

The problem we are having is a good scare inside the cave. Since they will be walking on a bridge that tilts very slightly we're just not sure if we should have a startle inside or wait until they exit.

The questions we are debating are:

Is the bridge and a very detailed swamp hag scene enough for the cave?

Should we have an actor inside and if so. what would you suggest?

Should we do a drop scare? we have toyed with the idea of dropping a bat. We can't do a spider because our very large spider web is the next scene on the trail with a 6ft dropping spider the only startle in a very long stretch of web.

These pictures unfortunately don't show the competed details of the scenes. They were taken at the very beginning of the build.


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