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Ideas for trick-or-treat "scare stations"

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I have browsed this site for years, and decided to look to you guys for help!

This year will be my 5th Halloween party for kids this year and want to do a "haunted trick-or-treat trail." (On a whim last year, I asked some of the parents that were dressed up to take a bowl of candy to one of the areas around our yard/house that was decorated and let the kids come and trick or treat at their station. And the kids loved it!)

So this year, I am planning out the stations in advance to include a "scare factor" for each one. (i.e. like a stuffed scarecrow that is holding a bowl of candy but is really a person that moves; or a big wooden box where the monster inside can reach out and grab your leg.)

At this time, I have planned 10 stations for the kids covering about 1.5 acres of land. The kids will get a map of the places to go, and can go alone or in groups. (There will be at least 2 helpers at each station.)

I have come up with a few plans, but was hoping you experts could help. Here are the "scare station" themes I have so far:

Body Farm (stuffed trash bag bodies)
Pumpkin Patch (pumpkins/scarecrows)
Cemetery/Grave Digger
Auto Body Parts Store
Sleepy Hollow
Pet Cemetery (lots of Crazy Bonez)
Spider Infestation
Haunted Hotel

Thank you in advance and I CANNOT WAIT to read, what I am sure will be, AMAZING ideas!!!!!
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How about, The Vampires Lair, The Werewolf Den, Frankenstein's Laboratory, Slender Man looking through a bedroom window. Just some quick things that came to mind. Love your idea by the way, sounds awesome for the kids.
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Wow this sounds like a lot of fun, kiddies will love this!!

How about a shed theme with a garden bench that hides an actor and their hand is concealed in the treat bowl?? Or a toy room with a Jack-In-Box, lots of big stuffies and an actor hidden in with all the toys. An attic setting would also be cool!
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This would be HILARIOUS!!!!!


You would have to figure out a way for the kids not to see what happens though, like hide it behind a wall and let kids behind it one by one. I would totally set up a camera though, because that's just too funny.
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That is exactly what I am looking for! Love it.
What a great idea! Too bad I don't have volunteers to help me.... :(
Creepy doll area/room. The best part is you don't have to do much. Dolls are creepy all on their own.
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Yes, I am very lucky all the parents stay and help out with the party. (I think they have more fun than the kids!)
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