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Ideas for queue line decorations

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I've got a little garage haunt I have done the past couple years. I have always heard when telling a story it is better to "show" than to "tell" the audience. With that in mind I'm trying to come up with some ideas for the queue line outside our entrance.

We don't have huge wait times but usually the line will be a 10-15 minute wait down our driveway to the sidewalk. I usually have a couple props they can trigger with step mats off to the side in the yard and have been doing Atmosfear DVD in the window above the garage to watch. What I'd like to do this year is add some props outside the entrance to "set up" what they are going to be seeing inside. I have a backstory of a Paranormal Asylum and this year they explore the lower level with storage, a boiler room and a morgue.

My first instinct was to make a couple signs describing the backstory but that sounds as boring to me as it would be to those waiting. I'm thinking of having some boxes/crates out front to "waiting to be moved in" and maybe an employee time card with clock near the entrance. It's more of this kind of subtle things to look at giving the audience some clues as to what is inside. I still plan on having props to trigger out front and play another DVD just looking for some ideas to "dress it up". Just looking for some ideas from your creative minds - thanks :)
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What a fun idea! I like the concept of building up excitement & giving people in line something to look at. Since you have an Asylum, what about incorporating tidbits & collected items from the patients or staff members? Like you could purchase a thrift-store locket, put in a photo and create a backstory of how it belonged to Nurse Lydia and she always wore it. But one day it was found on the floor at the nurse's station, with no sign of Nurse Lydia.... you know? You can make a little display out of a dollar store photo frame, remove the back & attach a cut up cereal box taped behind it as a shadow box, and then display objects & stories like this at different intervals along your line.

You could print photos of past patients or staff, maybe have fancy framed photos of previous directors or benefactors, print photos of historic equipment that was used to treat "psychosis", create a floor plan of the Asylum, even a timeline of certain events that happened. You could also create photo spots by buying a thrift store chair, decaying it up or even creating some burn damage or something, and then posting a sign next to it saying it was recovered after a fire or other accident at the Asylum.

Anyway, hope some of these ideas might inspire you! I look forward to seeing pictures - your haunt sounds fun!
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