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Ideas for making these disney style thorny vines?

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Looking for some ideas on how I might go about making something like these vines somewhat easily and good enough to last for the month out in the elements.

Not looking to do the entire setup, i'll be having them lining the driveway.

I was thinking of twisting up some metal electrical conduit and then going with chicken wire.. but wrapped/skinned with what???

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Considering turning the garage into this...

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With my wife seated in a custom made maleficent throne like this in the driveway...

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Easy peasy right?
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Love your ideas, very cool!!!! I think the chicken wire would work great...u could even use pool noodles as the base. As for covering them I think monster mud or paper mache would work great (u can seal it to withstand the elements).

Here's another option, though not as dramatic or sinister as your version. It's simply made with great stuff foam, but might work if u do a bunch
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I love Rania's spider legs and think this might make some organic and creepy version of vines: http://www.stopandeattheroses.com/2013/09/the-build-of-giant-spider.html

There is also Stillbeast Studios' tutorial:

I'd probably try using some dollar store pool noodles (can slice pie wedge sections out of them in random places to get them to bend more) as a base vine and using more dollar store vines to twine over them (not sure about painting?) with some great stuff to help anchor/glue things down, and also make them look more realistic.
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