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Hey. What's up? I'm trying to come up with some ideas on how to hang a large/light up plastic pumpkin (you know, the kind you can find at wally world)... but, everything I can think of I can just see blowing off the balcony.

Basically, I'm on the 3rd story and am worried about it blowing away, but think it would look awesome on the balcony. ...or, honestly, it doesn't even have to hang, if it would be easier it could just be attached to the railing (those cheap/white/plastic rails they use everywhere)... just as long as it doesn't damage the pumpkin or the railing too much.

But, my basic idea for the balcony is simple thus far, ground fog machine, large light up pumpkin hanging in mid air, a skeleton with glowing eyes (maybe use a black light on it?)... since we're on the 3rd story, in the back, it would be nice and simple since everyone can't see it.
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