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Ideas for hanging prop?

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I have a nursery scene with rocking grandma, zombie babies etc and I just bought the baby in the bouncer (yes the one from Spirit) with the knowledge that as of yet I have nothing to hang it from. Thought about building a tree, but it seems challenging. Any other ideas for me??
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When I was an infant, baby swings and bounces had an a-frame structure they hung from, similar to this patio swing:

Just build something similar from a few bits of lumber. You'll need four 2x3 studs to make one roughly 4 feet high and 2 feet wide.
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Or you could use PVC, 2 sides, one across the top.....slide the pvc down over rebar
Hey Blarghity, did you post a pic? All I see is a torn pic symbol.
Hey Blarghity, did you post a pic? All I see is a torn pic symbol.
yes, I did. However, it belongs to a business overly anal-retentive about its bandwidth.

EDIT: Since they are anal retentive over a small photo, here's the photo, along with the HTML, scripts, and all the other photos associated with it. :p
Lol, I got it. Seems easy enough :/
The longer the pvc on the suspense soon part of the A frame the weight of the prop would make it sag a little in the middle. You would have to prop baby go with the thicker grade PVC to be okay.
Probably . Geez the new iPhone upgrade is killing me. Ugh
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