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We are hosting our 5th Halloween party and we are re-visiting a game idea I got from this awesome forum: The Winking game. 1 guest is "the killer" and as he winks at each of the other guests throughout the night, they must perform a death (on a card given to them at the beginning. Its hilarious to watch them perform their deaths.

Our best deaths:
death by hula-hoop
cheerleading to death
orgasm to death (Meg Ryan-style)
Elvis possesses your body and rock-n-roll to death
death by bees
rodeo to death
breakdancing to death

If you have any other funny deaths, we still need about 10 more as we are trying to replace some of the other lame deaths.

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Hah, those are funny - I'd like to suggest:

Tryke'd to death (they'd have to ride a tricycle then "die" & Walk-into-a-wall to death (obviously walk into the nearest wall & "die").

Good luck, and have fun!

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Although you probably don't want another "dance to death", what about "disco to death (Saturday Night fatal brain fever)?" The person's death wouldn't be the only horrifying part of the performance:D.
Perhaps "slow death by steam roller?" "Slow motion gun shots?"

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Here's a list for you! Have fun with the Death Charades!

a slow and gruesome Death, as Narrated by William Shatner
death and re-animation via voodoo doll
death from unsolvable math problem
death by can-can dancing
death from "walking in" on your parents "role playing bedroom adventures"
death from being stalked/ran over by a golf cart or trolley car
death from trying to use the fax machine/copier combo at work
death from fear of teddy bears
death from suddenly turning inside out/ being sucked into a black hole
death, as a worm baited on a hook and then eaten by a fish

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I just saw 'This is Spinal Tap' (again) last night and was reminded of the causes of death for their never ending list of deceased drummers. Some of the notable:
Bizarre gardening accident
Choked on someone else's vomit
spontaneously combusted
Sold dialysis machine for drugs
eaten by pet Python

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These may be repeats, but here goes:

dance to death
shot 100 times to death
Get stabbed to death.
Be stung by killer bees.
Dance to death.
Laugh to death.
Burn to death.
accidental electrocution
Freeze to death.
Bit by a deadly spider.
Getting buried alive
Geting scared to death.
Have an allergic reaction.
Get squeezed to death
Get trampled to death
Partying yourself to death
Being killed by a terrible odor

The winking game did not work so well for us, but we might try it again.

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Darwin Awards?

I know I'm late with an idea and what about "Darwin Award" type deaths? Jogger jogging off a cliff or zookeeper dying in a pile of elephant poop after relieving the elephants costipation. Peeing on an electric fence?
The game sounds great.
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