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Ideas for costumes needed

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I am stumped as to how to costume the following characters:
-Harry Houdini (this won't be a live actor in the haunt, just the character to be used in filming for different visual effects)
-Knife-Throwing Victim
-Demonized Harry Houdini (live actor (myself))

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone!
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Gypsy - long skirt, peasant blouse, scarves, boots, tons of jewelry. I would go to the goodwill and look.

I picture Harry with a vest and suit? or maybe slacks

Some sort of Ballerina outfit for the knife throwing victim would work.

Since you live in Mansfield I don't know if you know about the Goodwill outlet store on Campus Drive, everything is sold by the pound and it's all in bins. Granted you have to look and pick through but I find some really great things in there.
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This is what I'm talking about for the sword victim


Something like this would work as well
Religious item Art
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