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Ideas for a torture chamber display

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I'm looking for any ideas that anybody might have for this.

My garage is going to be the torture chamber and the center piece of that part of the haunt is going to be the electric chair I built. The background will be king sized white sheets that are splattered with "blood". I will probably use my blue spotlight for effect.

I have a work bench that I will disguise and try to use in some way...... any neat ideas in that area would be great so if you have ANYTHING, then let's hear it. Any ideas about how to spruce that area up is what I'm looking for.... but hopefully something that isn't too expensive because I've already spent enough money but MIGHT be able to spare a little more.

Other than the severed prop head I bought the other day that will be hanging from the ceiling I really don't have anything.....

Let the suggestions flow like a river of blood everybody!!!!! :eek:
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I'm going to have no shame and bump my own thread so hopefully more people will see it and I can get at least a few suggestions. :D
well u could try for your bench is an old drill or something have it covered in blood and the bit covered to. -warning DO NOT USE UR GOOD DRILL!!- i said it. but get an old saw to and cover it in blood. i would love to do soemthing like this but i dont have a space.

Hope this helps!
Yeah I'm thinking about getting an old vise I have out and using that somehow..... I have a feeling that if I'm going to make this work I might need a few body part props from the Spirit store.
there dam pricey this year. post something on craigslist.
weve had at different times had a long skinny skid and used it for a rack. just put a dummy on it with some rope to tie him down. stocks ( very easy to make), a skeleton hanging from the wall in chains , a wall-o-pain. all it was the wall with all the extra knives and spears type stuff. one year we had a dummy hanging by his feet with rubber rats eating him. heads hanging in chainss.
Well, I know there is other threads on this topic here. It was pretty extensive last year. You might want to try a search on torture.

My basement has a sling, box for slave, electric cage, canes (for caning), floggers, single tail whips, straight jacket. We also have clamps, clothes pins, candles for waxing, electric toys such as an ultraviolet wand and some of the older massage units. If you want a really cool devise, get a bumble ball at a pet store, hot glue thumb tacks on the ends of the knobs so the point sticks out and then spray paint it black. Oh, you want to do fake props....sorry.

Try doing a drill with a wide 1 1/2 inch drill bit with flesh hanging off. You can use a shop rag that is already red and add a little darker paint to it to make it look like bloody clothes. A couple bloody saw blades and saws. A vise with a finger or the smaller cheaper clamps laying around. Hit up Goodwill or an overstock store like ragstock to get some older stuff so it looks likes it already been used and abused. Cheaper too. If you have a blow torch that is always a nice touch. Just put up a X rack from cheap 2x4's, put shackles on it. NOT the expensive good ones like I have. And then torch some marks on the cross around the shackle area so it looks like the person on it had been burned.

Then there is the thumb screws, water bucket for water boarding (dunking) long needles for the fingernails, don't forget some cheap meet hooks. You can make your own pretty easy with coat hanger and silver duct tape.

If you want to splurg or even just get some ideas check out MR S. That is where I get most of my stuff but, they are NOT props. Mr. S Leather - Quality Leather & Latex Gear Handmade in San Francisco, CA This is an adult site so be forwarned!!!!!
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Something we did last year that was a great effect and simple is to get a lot of various plastic weapons (axe, hachet, meat cleaver, knife, etc.) and hang them from the ceiling with twine. Gives a nice 3D effect, and when the wind blows they sway around. Good luck!
I went to party city today and they had a torture chamber wall cling that was like 12' long. I think it was only about $14.00. You can add that as a backdrop to the rear wall to give it some depth. I couldn't believe all the prop stuff they had.
Picked up some good props today that were not very expensive. One is a realistic looking chain with 3 bloody butcher hooks hanging from it and another is a big vampire bat hanging upside down. The hooks will fit right in and the bat..... well he'll look good in there but I mainly got him because he was a clearance item at half price and only cost $7.50.

I also had another idea.... I found a scary images DVD at the prop shop for only 99 cents. I'm going to move the extra TV into the garage and have the DVD playing on the TV. It has sound effects also but it will be on mute because I'm putting together a CD of my own with everything from scary movie clips to metal songs by Metallica and Rob Zombie on it. Should be pretty awesome.
That great to hear. Maybe you should put the bat in a cage and put a little entrails around on the floor below it and add a little fake blood to it's mouth. Go the hardware store like lowes and pick up some different type of tubing. Check the plumbing section. It's pretty cheap and comes in different colors. Then spray paint some black and brown spots on it and then go over it with red for blood. You will not how nice it comes out for intestines and it's cheap. Later on you can put some in a bucket and add a small pump to have some pumping blood out into the bucket from a prop or just on their own.
Is the dvd a long scene? If so you can add it to a cut out square in a couple boards like they are looking into another room and seeing what is happening. Just move the tv up to and against the cut out. Then put black boards around the frame of the tv to make it look like a window or opening into that room.

Show us some pics when you have everything together.
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