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Hi community,

my cosin an I are from germany and we would like to make a Halloween fun stood. You think what the hell is a "Halloween fun stood", that's a stood with a few attractions. One attraction is a "cave", you go inside and there's a wall with a few holes you have to grab through in a bucket with filthy things inside. You must find painted stones and then you got some sweets. :)

For this attraction we need some holes to grab though, but how could the look like?? If anyone help us, we'll be very glad. :D

Further we're searching for the right name of this. :D

Thank you for your comments. ;) :D

Many greetings from germany

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Hello! First, let me say that although I had a little trouble fully understanding exactly what you meant with your post, since I'm assuming that English is not your first language, I think you did a great job! Thanks for taking the time to learn our language!

I'm not sure what the name of these gross things to touch is called, but I found some things on the internet by searching "halloween touch" or "halloween feel" ideas/buckets/crafts/bowls.

Here are a few ideas for you:



If you are trying to make a cave and want people to stick their hands into a cave wall with holes, we have something here called weed barrier/weed screen fabric that I think people sometimes use for this. Here's what it looks like:


You can cut an X shape in it and people can stick their hands into a bucket or bowl but won't be able to see inside.

Or, you can make the cave wall out of cardboard boxes and cut holes into the ends of some of the boxes so people can stick their hands in. On another internet search, I found this comment:

"Locate several boxes copier-paper boxes, etc. The boxes should be large enough to permit a hole to be made on one end so that a hand can reach in and feel what is inside. Copy paper boxes work well because of the lid.

Add a different spooky item to each box. Carefully, line up the boxes on a table or stack them on the floor so the sides with the hand-holes are handy. Drape a black cloth over the top of everything to conceal all but the front of the boxes. A few fake cobwebs, dust (cocoa or baby powder), and plastic spiders will add to the illusion.

As each brave guest reaches through a hand-hole to feel inside, be sure to mention what you think is in there...

And what is inside?
· eyeballs (peeled grapes or wet olives)
· intestines (wet cold spaghetti)
· liver (a half of a canned peach)
· skin (an oiled, soft flour tortilla)
· fingers (cheese sticks)
· toes (baby hot dogs)
· ears (green peppers carved into shape)
· teeth (unpopped popcorn)
· hair (an old wig)
· brains (freeze and thaw a big piece of tofu- soybean curd- and round off the edges)
· hand (Fill a latex surgical glove with water, drape it over a bowl to give it some shape and freeze it. Just before the party, stick it in a tray of dirt, sand, or rice so your guests have to feel around in the dirt for the "buried hand".)
· bones (save chicken bones from the next roasted chicken you have. Scrub them well before using.)
Remember everything should be cold or slimy and as gross as possible. Use your imagination to come up with other possibilities -- warm soft gelatin, corn syrup (better have damp paper towels handy), a doll's head ... "

I hope this helps! Good luck to you!
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