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I was in Orlando a month or so ago for a conference and my wife traveled with me. We went to see the La Nouba, Cirque De Soleil, Orlando one evening while we were there. I've seen a show here in Oklahoma City, but this was fabulous.

Anyway - one of the scenes had something in it that just immediately caught my eye and I thought "that would be a cool thing for a yard haunt."

They lowered down a window frame by guide wire and sitting in the window frame with their back against one side of the frame, was one of the acrobats wearing a nightgown; holding a teddy, with a small candle sitting in the frame. She was just sitting there, observing everything below. I thought, that would be really neat to replicate a window frame and have a small dressed mannequin sitting in it, suspended on wire between a tree in my front yard and the house - over a cemetery.

If anyone has seen La Nouba, you probably remember the scene. Wish I could find a picture to post. Was extremely cool. The picture below is the closest I could find.

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