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IBC tote as a projection booth

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Has anybody ever used, or has considered using, a caged IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote as a projection booth for house projections?

For those that may not come across the term IBC it’s normally a caged plastic tank on a pallet and the usual capacity is 1,040 litres (229 imperial gallons, 275 US gallons, with a height of 1170 mm (46 inches), base of 1200 x 1000 mm (47.25 x 39.37 inches), and an empty weight of 60.5 Kg (133.3 lb). However there are several different sizes of IBC totes. Here’s a picture of one:

Product Transport Plastic Machine Storage tank

Caged IBC totes ca be bought relatively cheaply second hand and I think would make an ideal all-in-one projection booth to hold the projector, media player, amplifier, speakers, trailing sockets, leads, cables, etc needed for projecting onto a house, in addition other Halloween paraphernalia might be kept in there during the display.

I think all you would need to do is cut out a small hole in the front for the projector to use and a larger hole with a hinged (and padlocked) door to allow easy access to the equipment inside.

If you wanted to, you could decorate it, cover it with a tarpaulin and/or camouflage netting.

The IBC gives you a relatively weather proof box that is large enough to contain and protect all of the audio visual equipment necessary to project a display onto a house and to also provide security to all of the equipment as the IBC is too big to pick up by one person and it can easily be chained to a ground anchor.

Just my thoughts, if anybody has actually done this could they post a few pictures?

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I feel like this is such a huge box to hold so few of items though?
And be sure that if you come across these that you check and see what was stored in it. Most of these hold coolants for machining centers and other chemicals.

The place that I work at lets people just take them if they want. But then as stated they seem too large for me to do anything with. The average size is about 4ft. cubed.
Not to hijack this post, but I took the same 'junk' and went a little bit different direction with it.

Light Red Lighting Furniture Room
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demongod that looks really awesome, and even better it probably takes you like 5 mins to set that up.
Not to hijack this post, but I took the same 'junk' and went a little bit different direction with it.
That's exactly where my brain went when I saw the post. Take out the big plastic jug and you have yourself a fine looking cage. I agree with those thinking that it's too large for a projector in our limited space haunt, but it would be great in the witches' house as a place to keep unwilling occupants.
133 pounds empty? You'd need two people to move it.
Many thanks to everybody for replying to this thread.

I appreciate your comments. It looks like the IBC is too large and too heavy to use as a projector booth.

I'm thinking of projecting onto the whole of the house this year (i.e. Halloween 2019) so I'll need a short throw projector with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (i.e. relatively expensive) so I want a cheap but secure way of protecting the necessary equipment from the weather and also from being stolen. Unfortunately, I have very basic DIY skills!

However, I like the cage that demongod posted!

nice to know I'm not the only one with basic DIY skills. :D

I saw on another forum, someone who used a large tote box (or you could use a large plastic ammo box) as a weatherproof projector enclosure. Hole in front covered with glass siliconed to inside. cable gland for power cable and a couple of vents for cooling. Looked simple enough.

For security they had a steel cable running thru 2 holes in the enclosure (think they were part of the enclosure) staked to the ground with those big screw thread tent pole type things.

Sorry to be a bit vague, hope you get the idea though.
Hi ozaz,

Many thanks for your comments.

I think the idea of using an IBC tote as a projector booth has now been firmly thrown out of the window! :) Although I do like demongod's example of the use of the IBC tote cage for a display area and it should also help to protect the dispay's contents from being stolen! :D

I think that I do need to look for a smaller plastic tote that is lockable, in which I can drill a holes for the projector, ventilation, various cables, and security chain/cable.

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