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I will show you mine if you show me yours.

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No that’s not what I am talking about. What I am referring to is my Halloween prop control center. I live in the Arizona desert and we do not have lawns in our front yards. What we do have is a lot of rocks and very hard dirt.

That makes for some very difficult Halloween setup. So I have been working on this setup for a number of months.

The first picture show the control box without doors, you can see a number of shelf with different components. Each following pic moves down the inside of the control box.

Things of interest.

Keyboard with six switches above.
Two computers with KVM switch.
Six K74 boards
Six plugs on the outside / Wiring to the plugs outside
Orange wire below the plug, this will plug into a 220V line that will be split into two 110V circuits.
Outer wrap for power lines.
Black (Snake) (Thanks Randy for the name)) Prop power line.
The back of the box without doors.

More to come.

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Lighting update.

The following pictures show the construction of an up lighting box that will be run from the control center.

The first thing to do is to find some cheap track lighting to modify, than how to do that.

You would think this no big deal but just try to do it. The lighting that I found must have come from China (metric standard). Why is this important? I needed to extend the support pole up about 2 ½”. That meant joining Metric to English standard with a coupling that will never exist.

This was done by finding the nearest sized coupler and than forcing it on to the light fixture. It will never come off now.

Than build the box, wire the box, than wire in the lights. I just pick a hot wire to hook up the lights. Ended up being # 3 & 4.

Screwed it all together and paint. Enjoy.


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Test Run

Test Run

I ran a test on both the control system and the up lighting. I must say that the system worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I could not be happier.

The test involved plugging in the Pumpkinrot prop and the up lighting. One thing I have learned is that as the LED’s in the pumpkin power down they have a really cool fade out that is very creepy.

The colored bulbs that I have for they up lighting are 50W bulbs. They do not over power the prop and have a nice effect.

I now think that all of the time that I have put into this project is more than worth it!

Yes you can have all the props in the world, and I have a shed full of them. If the haunting environment is set up poorly, and supported poorly.

Than the out come will more that likely be just as be just as poorly received by the TOT’s, and all of your work may not give YOU the enjoyment that you deserve.

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PropMaster- I'd LOVE to see pics of your display, both at night and day time shots. Any chance you'd post so we can see what all this is going towards?

I'm in process of severely changing my display to more of a 'show' next year- and this thread, and your setup will be extremely helpful!
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