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I Will Get Blamed

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"Mr. Haunted House" guy here,me. I didn't do it,had nothing to do with it, I simply discovered it a few days ago. It had me fooled for awhile too.
Two blocks from Ravens Grin is the rt 78 highway bridge that spans the small river that then runs behind my Haunted House , where we live.
I purposely took the walk to look from the bridge because once Summer is here the view will be very limited by the "Greenery' .
There are 100 foot high cliffs to see with their various shapes and fissures and straight down is the small stream... and a human skeleton laying there in the rapids looking up at me !!!?
I supposed it was not REALLY a human skeleton laying there, BUT it has a very distinct rib cage,a right leg,complete with attached right foot,waggling in the currents,showing me his breast bones!
We took some photos today of it.......I'm Not the only one who "SAW" a human Skeleton down there,but from100 feet "UP" a grill from a 1930-something Chevy (Or Maybe GMC truck?) does resemble a rib cage and "Mr. Ribbs" found a stick for a leg that looked very good !
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Sounds amusing.

"From up here, they all look like ants." "No, skeletons...";)
To up-date this, a few nights ago two young women were headed to see Ravens Grin in their car the one was checking out our Facebook and read the mystery I had put there (I didn't describe what it was they would be seeing as they looked down 100 feet from the bridge a block from here)
I said "I didn't have anything to do with it, it looks real,it is real enough to be disturbing?"
Guess what/ THEY HAD TO SEE IT!
At the end of the house tour I asked them what they thought about it?
They also thought that it looked very real (and kind of disturbing)
Once again,just for the record:I had nothing to do with making the thing, I did not put it there.
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