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720AM the "Mancow" show.
They called telling me I would be "on" at 7:15 instead of 7:30. My wife had the channel on her computer.
His callers were talking about a decrepit old shack in Gary,Indianna where some people have reported seeing incredible things,some much so, they call this
Sad place:"The Portal of hell!" Witnesses say they have seen children walking across the ceiling there!
I guessed that I would not be faring well on this show,since when i think of or speak of the supernataurl.. I must have maybe bored Mancow by speaking slowly and having actually had real experiences to share, I may have had speaking privileges for less than30 seconds.
I really didn't "Care",there is that old "Guilt By association " thing" I would not to be wedged into someone's memory.
"Are you "Ravens Grin Inn"?
"Yes. "
How much is adnission to "The Portalof Hell?
"That is N0T My place!"
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