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"Bob" is my costume. I've had him a couple of years and keep
fine-tuning him.

I was at a neighbors garage the other day. He was showing his
store bought Frankenstine. Laughing about how it scared his

So last night, I put Bob on and drove over.

Scared the crap out of him when I came shuffling in. Now, he's
a grown man. 55 years old. He screamed and was backing up
when he grabbed a wrench.

And this was in a well-lit garage.

I had to jerk my mask off, show him it was me. I had to get him a
chair to set in. I was worried about his heart. When he got calmed
down, he started laughing. Calling his friends, telling them they have
GOT to see me.

He wants me to come back Friday night and then the full monty. I didn't
even have props with me. He said he'd do a bonfire and cookout if I'll
come back Friday.

He gave me his Frankenstine...said he couldn't hang with me. Wanted me
to walk through town. But I'm smarter than that...I'd get shot.

I know I'm bad scary. (I wish I knew how to post pictures here) I can scare
you in the daylight, I can wear you out in the dark. I try hard not to scare a
child. I'd rather entertain. But if you want scared...I'm your man.

I never thought I could scare Kenny that bad. I mean we ride bikes at near
200 mph. On the road. We've done things you don't want to know about.
To have him screaming and backing up...I never thought it.

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Without pictures, it never happened...;)

Just kidding. Always happy to hear about a good, fun scare!


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Aww man... I was hoping by the end of the thread I'd read " OK here's a picture of Bob". Please find a teenager, they know how to post pictures anywhere. The angry mob demands Bob!
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