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I need your help you haunters

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Hey guys
This is Nick from Gores Manor
I am starting to get my mom on the right track with doing a haunt. But here's the thing she doesn't want people on her property and she always tells me how it's a liability. I have 42 props and a ton of stuff to make a great haunt and it's always been my dream
please help me
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Not what you will want to hear, but anyone can (and sometimes will) sue for any reason.
But that would include any repairmen, postman, ups delivery, etc.....if she has assets she should have an umbrella policy on top of her standard homeowners policy.
Now in helping you, as long as not charging, people are entering for "Halloween" on Halloween night, talk to her agent and get their its covered for her.
THEN YOU need to take all best practices into account, lighting, fencing, cord management, even walkways etc....
If your planning on charging, I'm with mom, I worry also..
Sorry not of more help.
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Thank you JerseyScare, I will check it out. It will be free but willing to donate for charity type thing
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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