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I need to create "brusts" of bubbles

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I'm looking for ideas on how to create short bursts of bubbles using a fish tank pump rather than a steady stream. An inline bladder of some sort? Hack a timer to toggle the power to it?
Home made and inexpensive is my mantra...

Any brainstorms?

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if you could make a diaphragm chamber from a 1 or 2 letter bottle and a balloon, with the balloon inside the bottle, and the air feeding in to the balloon, and maybe a small motor with a weighted (wheel, lever, ETC) to squeeze the bottle every so often. Then air pump would run steady and there would be a burst of presure to dive the air on the rest of the way. you might need to put a bend in the line just past the bottle (not crimp) to cause a bet of back pressure too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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