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I need someone to build a good tombstone

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I need someone to build me a good Tombstone with lots of lettering on it. I am in the Tampa, Fla area. If anyone could help, let me know.
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You should also check out Terra's tutorials under her profile, just find any post of hers, and she has a link in her signature. You can make really cool tombstones, it just takes a little practice.:D

Yeah, I agree...The money you spend for a GOOD one would allow you to goof up quite a few times and still have one cheaper...Plus you'd learn how to do it right to make a whole cemetery....If you want realistic, it would probably almost have to be foam although I was pretty impressed with smearing "Great Stuff" with a putty knife to keep it thin enough on my crypt on non foam parts....I'll have to try the water on the foam before torching to see the effect....You would've laughed watching me torch the foam bookcase with REAL FIRE out in the drive way this past summer....There was a couple times I thought the whole thing was going up in flames but in the end it came out really cool...Twisted and warped...Bottom line, Don't be afraid to experiment!...If you explain to people what kind of finish you want, people will give you all kinds of ideas here....Try a couple different approaches and figure out what works best for you...ZR
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