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I need someone to build a good tombstone

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I need someone to build me a good Tombstone with lots of lettering on it. I am in the Tampa, Fla area. If anyone could help, let me know.
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I made alot last year they were by no means fancy.I used foam letters instead of engraving and mine had more of a realllllly old cemetery.Lots of flaws but after they were painted they were the look I wanted.You can get so creative.
I think tho the next time I make some I will buy the 3 inch styrofoam I had 7 come apart when I inserted the metal stands I used.But I have repaired and they are ready to be touch up painted.
With that said I have about 6 more from packaging styrofaom waiting to be painted.And I do want to buy a couple already built for variety.
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