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I need HELP! throwing my first Halloween party!

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my husband and I LOVE Halloween!! We always have one of the best halloween displays... this year i decided that i want to have a halloween party/bonfire..... we are 23 years old and need ideas.....i know we are having a bonfire and a costume contest and giving awards for funniest, most original, sexiest, scariest, best, and most disgusting. i will have food and drinks......but how do i entertain my guests??? i dont have much $$ to spend... I am thinking about moving our halloween display from the front yard to the back for the party.......i appreciate any and all help or ideas..... i am open to anything....I want my guests to enjoy themselves and I want my first party to be a hit.....thanks
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I'm in the same boat. I've just moved here to South Carolina from New Jersey. So now both my son's have a batch of new friends. First of all this is the bible belt so a lot of the normal things I would do I shouldn't do since I'd offend a lot of parents. But honestly, this is my kids party and they aren't the typical kids. They are used to how I've always been with Halloween, but they don't want to lose friends.

Anyway, I'm finding a ton of ideas for my party on here. I'm listening to the hauntcast for ideas too. My biggest deal now is that my kids aren't babies anymore and now they want more fright and less kiddie games.

If I find anything really good that I haven't come across I'll be sure to post it to help you as well.
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