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I need HELP! throwing my first Halloween party!

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my husband and I LOVE Halloween!! We always have one of the best halloween displays... this year i decided that i want to have a halloween party/bonfire..... we are 23 years old and need ideas.....i know we are having a bonfire and a costume contest and giving awards for funniest, most original, sexiest, scariest, best, and most disgusting. i will have food and drinks......but how do i entertain my guests??? i dont have much $$ to spend... I am thinking about moving our halloween display from the front yard to the back for the party.......i appreciate any and all help or ideas..... i am open to anything....I want my guests to enjoy themselves and I want my first party to be a hit.....thanks
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I am also having my first party this year. And the forum has given me tons of ideas. This is what I gathered so far that might save you some stress.
Finger food is always a hit ( tons of food ideas here!)
Plan ahead, take notes etc: I have my ideas and to do's in a spiral notebook. It really keeps things in perspective for me and organized.
The dallor store is gonna save you! I go every weekend just to see if there is anything new.
The ideas are endless when you consider the use of, glow sticks, webing, spider den stuff, voice recorders on a loop, old sheets, cheat props like at the dallor store that can be repainted.
I hope this helps, I don't have alot of info....but the cool peeps here and also help out!
Have a good one and post pics!!!!
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