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I need HELP! throwing my first Halloween party!

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my husband and I LOVE Halloween!! We always have one of the best halloween displays... this year i decided that i want to have a halloween party/bonfire..... we are 23 years old and need ideas.....i know we are having a bonfire and a costume contest and giving awards for funniest, most original, sexiest, scariest, best, and most disgusting. i will have food and drinks......but how do i entertain my guests??? i dont have much $$ to spend... I am thinking about moving our halloween display from the front yard to the back for the party.......i appreciate any and all help or ideas..... i am open to anything....I want my guests to enjoy themselves and I want my first party to be a hit.....thanks
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Sounds like fun!

Well, first of all music is always a necessity - it's background noise, and as the evening goes on people start dancing and relaxing... it adds to the mood and theme of the party. It's great, too, because it covers up awkward silences (and can be a topic of conversation as well!)

Second, you could set up some great fall and Halloween themed games (as Frankie's Girl suggested - do a search in the forum and tons of stuff comes up!) Bobbing for apples, card games, beer pong (which is made even more fun with a blacklight!! And super cheap to set up). Voting for a costume is great because it gets the guests involved. You could also throw on some Halloween movies of your choice for any background noise or decoration.

Also be prepared for any weather changes that could occur if this is an outdoor party - be ready in case you need to the move the party inside! Keep checking the weather, particularly closer to the date of your party.

And if you're having a bonfire get some stuff to make s'mores or hot dogs (you can even ask guests to bring stuff like that because it's cheap!) That's always fun and entertaining!

Hope that helps! Good luck!
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