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I need HELP! throwing my first Halloween party!

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my husband and I LOVE Halloween!! We always have one of the best halloween displays... this year i decided that i want to have a halloween party/bonfire..... we are 23 years old and need ideas.....i know we are having a bonfire and a costume contest and giving awards for funniest, most original, sexiest, scariest, best, and most disgusting. i will have food and drinks......but how do i entertain my guests??? i dont have much $$ to spend... I am thinking about moving our halloween display from the front yard to the back for the party.......i appreciate any and all help or ideas..... i am open to anything....I want my guests to enjoy themselves and I want my first party to be a hit.....thanks
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When I think of bon fires I think of ghost stories. Go to the library and find one good story, not too long and not too short. Then ask one of your guests, someone with the voice that projects and can be dramatic enough to learn and tell the story at the party around the fire. ...Oh, and have a surprise at the end of the story...If about zombies - have a zombie jump out at them....you get the idea.
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