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So, this year I'm having my third annual Halloween party. .
and well, I ran out of Halloween invitation ideas.

The first year, I tea-stained paper and scorched the edges, then rolled
it together with a spider ring.

Last year, I tea-stained paper, again, but I did really neat toe-tags with

Now, this year, I'm lost. I don't know what to do, my creativity has stopped.

I'm hoping you guys can help me with ideas.
I don't have a theme to this party, so anything goes.
Just any random ideas. Any sort of inspiration. I've looked at the
Halloween Invitations Past and Present but I still haven't found the "right"
thing. I need to get started on these in the next two weeks, as my party is on the 23rd.

Thank you!

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There are tons of threads on here showcasing the members' invites.

Do a search (upper right corner button) for invites or invitations and you'll get lots of ideas.

I've personally done papercraft coffins with a small skeleton holding the invite inside (downloaded the coffins from RavensBlight), tombstones with the invite info on them, a surreal estate open house flyer including skull keychains, and this year are simple paper invites in the shape of a coffin with spider theming....

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Come join our annual Halloween party.
I'm enclosing a bug, to put in your ear to remind you. Evil laugh.

Simple colored craft paper, envelopes, big bag of bugs from dollar store.

Paper mache mask (Michaels Crafts) with the invite attached to it. Decorate it anyway you want.

Mini wooden coffins w/latch (Michaels Crafts) decorate & place invite inside it.

Come light the way to our party. Decorate simple design or use a Halloween rubber stamp on Brown paper bag, invite & luminary candle or glowstick.

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i made the coffins off martha stewart, yes martha stewart, she does have some good ideas. i made her cardstock coffins, fill the coffins with treats and cockroaches and then printed on a seperate piece of paper the invitation and glued it to the inside of the lid. everyone, so far, loves them. only one thing i did wrong was to include chocolate treats and when these were delivered by the post man they melted, we are only into spring here, but, already very very hot and lots of bush fires and dust storms so going to be a very hot hot summer.

happy halloween to all

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I also was looking for an invitation Idea for this year. Soooo this is what I did!

I made a website. (which I can't post here due to my low ranking)
It was free, aside from the time I spent and the link was sent to my guest!
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