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I need help hacking my grandin road and spooky village props

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So I feel a little silly asking these questions because I have read many of these threads and most of the answers are fairly high tech... and I am not. I have several props from grandin road and spooky village that I would like to change from being activated by sound or motion to being activated with foot pads I have from spirit. My gr scarecrow does have a small try me button on his wrist, so I think why not cut wires at try me button on wrist and twist those wires to the wires of the foot pad after i remove the plugin jack? Stepping on the pad would close the circuit just like pushing the try me button, right? The try me button activates both lights and sound and that is all the prop does. I also have skully and his buddy from gr, they are like ground breaking zombies with sound and motion. These have no try me buttons and appear to activate from movement or sound, but again want to convert to foot pad activation. Not looking to rebuild these or spend big bucks but I thinking there has to be an easy hack here, even easy for a newbie non techie like me???
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