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I need help finding this?

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It was a CD I had found and lost several years ago. I do remember a few things from it though which may help?

"My name is Prunella, come closer now.. I will share my secrets of a witches brew...rainwater collected from a scummy pond, add a thimble of blood touched by a black laced wand.."

"Hello Children..how nice of you to visit us..we have been..expecting you..

The greeting above was given by a really growly voice, and some of the other tracks had sound effects of werewolves...and there was something with voodoo and witch doctors..if anyone has it, I would appreciate it immensley.
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I have the Prunella wav file if you want me to sent it to you just send me a PM with an email address. Also, if you go to the very bottom of the Monster list of Halloween projects you will see a link there for sounds. I have a feeling you will find a lot of what you are looking for right there.
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