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I need help aging...

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my props!

Seriously, I love building, but I have no clue how to age. I think I'm just nervous. I spend all this time planing, carving, and painting -- and it looks good. Too good . . like new! :rolleyes:

I know there are some tutorials and other threads that touch on the basics of aging your props. I am mainly looking to age tombstones, and possibly some structures like the cider hut, mausoleum, and towers.

I live in the Northwest, so we have rain and moss as strong aspects to aging. I know what I like, but not how to get it.

If no one can help, I'm gonna have to call Litemareb4xmas, JohnnyAppleseed, and YardHauntJunkie over for a "prop aging" BBQ!! :D
(you've been warned!!)

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Thank you both for the good advice! I'll definitely take a field trip or two and see what nature is doing on her own.

Also, I'm wondering about the use of moss, or moss-like materials? J.A., have you ever done anything like that? I'm thinking the fake moss you get at Michaels is too big, I'm looking for more of the deep green "fuzzy" moss. Maybe something from a Model Train store? Like what they use for terrain building.

Hmm . . . will have to check on that.

Please keep the ideas, techniques, and tricks coming!
Michael's has two kinds of moss, The grey big moss that looks great hanging from branched of an eerie tree, and the small green fuzzy stuff that works great for miniature bushes & trees. It's called Hyawatha moss. I use it on my tomb stones to give them the aged look. The hobby store might get pricey. Also I use watered down black & brown acrylic paints and let them run down from the top of props to get the aged look.
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