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I need help aging...

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my props!

Seriously, I love building, but I have no clue how to age. I think I'm just nervous. I spend all this time planing, carving, and painting -- and it looks good. Too good . . like new! :rolleyes:

I know there are some tutorials and other threads that touch on the basics of aging your props. I am mainly looking to age tombstones, and possibly some structures like the cider hut, mausoleum, and towers.

I live in the Northwest, so we have rain and moss as strong aspects to aging. I know what I like, but not how to get it.

If no one can help, I'm gonna have to call Litemareb4xmas, JohnnyAppleseed, and YardHauntJunkie over for a "prop aging" BBQ!! :D
(you've been warned!!)

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I used clear poly spray paint and dust ( the finer the better). I spray a vary light layer and then lightly throw on some dust or really fine dirt. Making sure to get it in the areas where dirt would accumulate. Then I shake or dust off the excess. Then another misting of the clear spray paint. I do this until I get the look I like. I think if you painted columns and tombstones using the technique that 13mummy used and then did some light dirt and dust, you would have some pretty great aging. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
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