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Yep, like your moss idea a lot. Here's a shot of one of mine with the moss:

I love what Johnny did. Walk around your neighborhood and really observe what time and weather does to similar items of your subject. Take a picture and look at the colors and the layers. With that info, just go for it. You will be very surprised that the more rougher and haphazard you are, the better it will look. It's really a lot of fun :)

Here's my technique for aging:

  1. Beat the cr#p out of your subject. Rip at it with tools, make cracks. BE ROUGH. The rougher you are to it, the older it will look.
  2. If it's made out of foam, YEAH! 'Cause you can whip out the spray paint. Hit it hard with the paint to get it to 'eat' the foam. Excellent way to add authentic-looking aged stonework.
  3. Base coat with medium gray (or whatever color is the basic color of your subject). I like to use gray Drylok, it has sand in it.
  4. Detail out cracks and crevices: Using dark gray, paint in the cracks and crevices to add depth.
  5. Tea-stain: Really, really water down the dark gray paint. Starting at the top, pour drips of it and brush it down. You are trying to simulate years of rain and pollution dripping down the subject.
  6. Drybrush: With a light gray, dip a large brush (3") and dry it off first on some paper towel. Then lightly brush all along your subject. It will lighten all the raised areas and will immediately make it look like stone.
  7. Pick some spots that you think some orange lichen would have grown. Then use raw sienna and brush it down in spots.
  8. With a wadded up paper towel, dip in really light gray paint and dab in spots to add in white lichen.
  9. Finally hot glue in sections of moss. Look for shady spots and cracks to put it.
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