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I need cake ideas!

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So my party theme is insane asylum. I've searched high and low for a cake idea to fit my theme, and can't seem to find anything with that wow factor!
I'm not a pro by any means but do know my way around fondant and modelling chocolate.

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I'd like to see a three dimensional cake that was a torso with a fondant straight jacket. On top would be a vinyl doll head like one of those make-up/hair style heads. Half of its hair would be torn out, hacked off, or shaved and the rest would be a tangled mess. It's eyes would be heavily lined or rimmed with either red or black to give a spooky, tormented look. If the doll head you found looked too smiley, I would cover the mouth with duct tape or a Hannibal type mask. Depending on the design of the doll head that you find, you may be able to either sit it on top of a platform on top of the cake, or just run a dowel straight up through the bottom of the head.
This is similar to what I had in mind but I was thinking of just making the head out of Rice Krispie treats. I've also got a brain mold but didn't really want to do jelly as the cake will be out and it would be a mess.
Thanks everyone for your ideas!!
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Those are awesome! Thanks!!
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